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Dusky fishing Lures manufactures a variety of hand-poured  & injection soft plastic moulded Custom lures, baits and jig heads. We have a great selection of fishing items and accessories online.
We have a great selection of original hand made lures for you to choose from, All our custom soft plastic Freshwater fishing lures and Saltwater fishing lures are extremely effective in a wide variety of locations, from rivers and estuaries to offshore and impoundments. With all types of colours available to suit all weather and water conditions.

Our Custom lures are designed and built to catch all sorts of species of fish, from freshwater trout, bass and barramundi to saltwater flathead, bream, kingfish and larger game fish. All our custom soft plastic lures mimic baitfish, worms, craws and insects and will hold up to tough fishing conditions and most important they put fish in your bag!

We also offer Custom Made jig heads for soft plastic lures and they are made right here in Australia.

We are proud of our products and strive for the best fishing experience for our customers now and for years to come. For serious anglers looking for the best value custom made lures and baits that have been proven to catch fish.

Handcrafted and made to order, we take the time to create a quality jig head you will be proud to use on your bait. No Fishing Tackle Box Should Be Without.
The fishing style is up to you, just be ready to set the hook!

Only The Best Custom Soft Plastic Baits And Lures

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We are dedicated to giving you the very best custom lures, jig heads and baits, to help you catch fish, land your new personal best, and above all make sure your satisfied with our products!

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